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You Cannot Change Your Past, But, You Surely Can Change The Interpretation Of Your Past!

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About Me

Hi, I'm Nimish! I am an engineer tuned MBA turned Senior HR Professional turned TEDx Speaker, Author and a Millennial Life Coach.

All of us have had the experience of doing something that really excited us only to be pulled down by our friends, family or society. One such experience of mine turned my life around...

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Win in Life

These tools and programs are part of my weekly arsenal to

get the best out of myself and offer the best for my clients


  • Discover What Drives You
  • Learn How Your Brain Is Wired


  • Learn How Your Decisions Are Shaped
  • Redefine Your Belief System


  • Overcome all Your Obstacles
  • Create Your Personal Successful Blueprint

Living Life In An Autopilot Mode?

This book will take you through the life journey of a typical millennial of the current generation. You will relate to where you stand with respect to this journey and learn what actions need to be taken to turn around your life. Nobody wants to be a mediocre individual and it all boils down to your belief system, overcoming your fears and taking that first step towards your dream life.


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Lead IT Professional

Nimish's webinar was thoughtful and very inspirational! Thank You And Keep Rocking!


Aatmika Rajput

Brand Strategist

I couldn't be happier that my coach was Nimish Ramesh because I received amazing results. I have a better understanding of who I am, what my blockades were and how do I improve on those. He took me through a beautiful journey and you will definitely get the results. Thank You Nimish for taking me through this journey of becoming more powerful, more acceptable and being the new improved version of myself.


Vaibhav Padale

Account Manager, Amazon

I finished the whole course n one night! I am actually inspired to take action. All the very best for your future endeavours.


“I can't believe this is Nimish's first book. Just like a seasoned professional author, Nimish takes us through a journey of self-discovery, interspersed with easily relatable stories. Exploring and writing about a subject that completely changes the way you think is not easy. But the easy language, flow of ideas and subject structure makes you breeze through the book while also pausing to think about what you read. It just shows the confidence of an author in his work. I wish everyone who reads this book feel the same impact as I did.”

Sandesh Paturi

Co-Founder, VenWiz, IIT Bombay||ISB Hyderabad

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