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All of us have had the experience of doing something that really excited us only to be pulled down by our friends, family or society. One such experience of mine turned my life around. This was the start of my journey where I took a decision that mattered to me and it was to cycle from Mumbai to Pune! I didn’t get much support from anybody but that didn’t stop me from wondering why people were mocking me or believed that it was not possible. After having slept over it for a night, I realized that there was absolutely no reason why I couldn’t do it. The only barrier was me and my mindset of whether this was possible or not.

The magic for me happened the next day after my journey. The very same relatives & friends who mocked me or didn’t believe that this was possible, started to hit the gym or go out for morning jogs.

Now, If I could inspire people un- knowingly, why don’t I do some- thing knowingly? This is when my journey, my drive and my hunger for impacting lives had started.



My mission in life is to make people realize that they are not bound by external forces, that all the power lies within themselves and only they can be a barrier in being their best version.

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