When you ask yourself as to why you’re not following your dreams, you come up with all excuses possible. Behind these excuses, the root cause is your limiting self-belief in yourself.

This is majorly due to the fear of being judged by your society i.e. not being loved and the fear of not being enough which again leads to not being loved.

There are 5 reasons which stops you from pursuing your dreams:

1) Lack Of Money: From where do I get so much money? Have you ever decided how much exactly you want? And if yes, have you made a list of people you’ll approach for funding? Make a list of 100, at-least 5 would fund your project! Ask the rejected ones for areas of improvement.

2) Lack Of Time: This is the most useless reason for all. It is your dream, your baby! If this is your excuse, then this is what you don’t really want! Your friend needed blood and you’re a potential donor. Won’t you take time out and help your friend?

3) Not good enough: Write down 10 reasons why you can achieve your dream. Imagine situations when you’ve surprised yourself, made a significant contribution, proved your mettle. Then write down 10 reasons how you can achieve your dream.

4) Fear: Know your fear. Is it failure? Then ask what next, How do I bounce back? Is it fear of losing your job? Then ask what can I do to minimize that risk? Is it fear of being judged? Then picture the worst case scenario and decide what you can do or change about it. Just for the consumption of your knowledge, Colonel Sanders started at the age of 60 and knocked on 1000+ doors for approving his recipe. Thomas Alva Edison failed 10,000+ times before finally succeeding in making the light bulb.

5) Action: Starting is the most difficult task. Specially Goa trips! It is a dream for a reason, if it was easy, would it be a dream? Break it down, be specific, give timelines and work towards it everyday for at-least 5 minutes so that there is some progress!

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