Today’s fast paced life, work pressure, stress, does not allow us to pause and reflect as to what is it that we really want from life. Or we just ignore this because we want to be looked busy!

I don’t know when has this become a fad. Being busy all the time means you are just too bad at managing your time.

Nobody will remember the number of presentations you made but what will remain is the fun you had during a getaway or a gathering after dinner under the moonlight or a minor accident which was hilarious.

The question is why don’t we do this often?

What stops us from just enjoying our lives and make us say “Ekdum badiya kat rahi hai Zindagi” instead if saying “ Bas chal raha hai”.

Here are a few things that can spice up your life:

1) Pause, pick up a journal and just write your heart out. You may find it weird but I assure you that it will do you wonders if you pour all your emotions out. Then gradually make this a habit.

2) Keep doing what you’re doing. But Differently. Go to the same pick up point but change the route or medium of travel. Change is good if you want it to be.

3) Have a difficult or awkward session with somebody. Be it your friend, family member or your boss. A few years down the line, you won’t have regrets or will laugh it out. In short, you will only learn on how to deal with such situations. Never bottle up any of your emotions. It may burst one day or the other.

4) Do something that you loved doing as a child. Read Tinkle stories, Supandi, Shikhari Shamboo, scribble, do the FLAME thing!! Laugh it out. Because who cares!!

Ultimately, do what keeps you alive and fresh mentally, be humble and kind.

The more you give the more you get.

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