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Did you know having an accountability partner has the following benefits:

1) Perform better (someone is watching you!)

2) Force you to follow through on commitments

3) Keeps you grounded (you are shown the reality!)

4) Prevent you from making mistakes that can cost you years of your life!

Next time, if you see somebody pay for a dietitian or gym trainer or yoga instructor, Stop Judging. They have the courage to invest on themselves to become a better person.

Do you?

You may argue that many who invest on themselves never really sustain the momentum. The reason is that finding the right accountability partner is also an art.

Here is my take on finding the right accountability partner!

1) Find the one who is already a couple of steps ahead than you are right now. If you want to lose weight and are surrounded by people who are binging Netflix, it will do you no good!

2) Let the word out: Slip in your action point that you have taken, during the normal conversations you have with friends/family. People may get repelled by you during this conversation but the ones who stay will motivate and give meaningful feedback.

3) You become an accountability partner: Once you are an accountability partner for somebody, once you begin to check on them on a periodic basis, you compel yourself to take action and action is what produces results.

If you have another way of finding the right accountability partner, I am all ears!!

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