What Are You Driven By?

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It’s not your will power but the extent of your desire to achieve something in your life.

If you don’t take the first step with the fear of what our society could say, we are driven by the desire to look good in front of our society. The more the desire, the more the fear.

It is your desire that makes you do extraordinary things like starting a business, scaling Everest, having six packs. Ask these individuals if they will stop trying if people throw tantrums at them.

Your will power is a catalyst to your desire and is largely dependent on your circle.

How do we then intensify our desire?

First things first, you need to know what you’re really passionate about. If you’re not aware about your passion, then my friend, you just have not explored enough! Keep exploring, keep trying new things and trust me, you will know that it’s your passion!

The courage that all successful individuals have is driven by their passion and not position!

Steve Jobs — Passionate about innovation

JK Rowling — Passionate about writing

Amitabh Bacchhan — Passionate about acting

Harsha Bhogle — Passionate about Cricket

At the end of your road of life, if you’ve lived life not passionate about something, then you haven’t lived something called as life.

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