Being absolutely blunt, because that’s the easier thing to do.

It’s not easy to be different and we eventually bow down to the whims of our society in order to feel included. We are told to work hard so that we can have an education so that we can get a job that pays well. Hardly anybody teaches us that any work that we do (or its result) involves another human being and therefore having the right relationship with people is the most important thing.

Even though if somebody is frustrated with their job, the standard response would be that — this is life and we have to pay our bills!

We are all conditioned to live life in a particular way and we are programmed to believe that this is what we get and deserve. This is how exactly the society wants us to be.

There is a quote which says, “If you don’t build on your dreams, you’ll end up building someone else’s.”

This is completely fine till the time you don’t complain and somebody will take all your credit.

You will continue to do things you hate until you realize that there is another way out, until you realize you’re here to make a difference, to learn and to experience enjoyment.

The moment you realize that you’re here to do the things that excite you, will you finally get a sense of freedom.You don’t look for freedom in your busy lives, you get freedom as a result of doing something in your busy lives.

That’s when you’ll live a fulfilling life doing what you love doing.Now, will you do things that you immensely hate doing?

You have a choice and the choice is only yours.

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