We all are well aware of how difficult it is to stick to a workout schedule. There are common excuses that people give — time, boredom, past experience of not continuing the workout, getting conscious while working out etc.

Consider the following two scenarios where a person has started their workout schedule:

1) A homemaker loves her children dearly and wants to be their role model, she wants to make a point that no matter how busy one is in their lives, health comes first and then everything else follows.

2) A 12th standard student who started to workout because his friend has started it.

Which among the two people you think are going to sustain it?

My point here is to have a solid reason for your workout. Find the ‘WHY’ of your workout. If I tell a diabetic person that he has to workout regularly to maintain the right sugar level otherwise he’ll have only about 12 months to live! Won’t that person workout regularly?

Another strong reason that stops us is our past experience of not sustaining the workout routine. Our mind needs proof for everything and now it has a proof that we don’t continue workouts. The more this proof piles up, the more difficult it will be for you to sustain. The only way to get out of this belief system is to analyze the ‘WHY’ we discontinued it, what could be done to avoid it and immediately start working on it. Once you find out the ‘WHY’ of your workout, 90% job is done, but another challenge comes when there are days you just don’t feel like doing it. This time, you just need to push yourself that one time more and then you will get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Once this happens, no matter how busy you are in your life, you will make time for your workout.

A few other enablers to give you that push, motivation, inspiration are:

1) Workout with a group with whom you share a common goal.

2) Decrease your junk food. Fruits and vegetables have a significant effect on your mind and body as it expels toxins.

3) Change the workout activities to bring in something different.

4) Talk right. Avoid saying “It’s difficult for me tomorrow” The moment you do this, you block your mind from looking out for ways to overcome it.

5) Enjoy! Stay hydrated. Reward yourself regularly.

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