Why You Should Be Your Only Competition?

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Let’s take examples:

1) A Sehwag cannot be a Dravid but both by themselves are extraordinary. What would have happened if they were trying to become the other one?

2) What if you managed to beat your competition? What next? Will you look for another competitor to beat and in the process waste your time? Even if you find one, and you realize you can’t beat that competition and in the process get stressed? Then why compete in the first place?

3) Why would you compare yourself to others when their likes and dislikes are different than yours? If they love mountains and you like the sea shore, would you care to conquer the heights?

Why does this happen?

Majorly 2 reasons-

Our Environment and Our Lack Of Self Awareness!

1) We have been brought up this way. Ghar, Gaadi, Bungalow — LIFE SET! We all keep chasing our Ghar Gaadi Bunglow, only to realize nobody cares in the end.

2) Your Lack of self awareness- Most of you don’t even know what you love to do, which is your favorite food, drink, destination, person! :P

It’s your lack of understanding self and your surroundings that you fall into this trap.

What should You Do?

1) Learn — If somebody is in the same field as yours, then learn from them, you will have other strengths to mould it your way.

2) If you don’t know yourself, Start Exploring left right center. The more you explore, the more you understand what you would like or dislike and then you can take it further.

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”\

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