Fear is like a protective friend who tries to keep us in a safe environment. But deep down, we all know that if we overcome a particular fear of ours, we would all be relieved and become a much more confident version of yourself!

If we pay close attention to ourselves, all our fears are borne out of our childhood episodes which we might not have put much emphasis on.

1) Fear of failure rises because we all knew what would our friends, teachers in school think if we had to repeat a year.

2) Fear of public speaking, because we knew the audience would make fun of us if we made a mistake or you were a part of the audience who just waited for such an episode to happen.

3) Fear of spiders, dark, numbers like 13 & 87, strangers- all have been due to live experience or something watched on television or by reading books.

So, How do we overcome our fear!

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live. โ€” Dorothy Thompson

Being blunt, the only way to overcome your fear is to face it head on, but there is a certain process to it.

1) Understand your fear!

What exactly are you afraid of? Is it fear of failure or is it fear of being judged or is it a fear of self-esteem or is it fear of not being enough or doing justice to yourself? Clarity regarding your fear is of utmost importance.

2) Has anybody overcome the fear you have?

If yes, how did they go about it? Having a role model here is a great place to start! Who knows you could be one in the future!

3) Consider living the way you are and project your life 10 years hence living with the same fear. How does it feel? Want more intensity? then write it down! Now visualize yourself 10 years hence having already overcome your fear? How does it feel now?

4) Now that you know where you will be heading, go for the kill!!Some other aspects that can surely pace up your journey will be to practice mindfulness (watch video on my YouTube channel), going for a walk, eating right or hiring a coach who can act as your accountability partner and can give you a 30,000 feet of where you stand currently!

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