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How many of us find it really awkward or difficult to start a conversation with a stranger?

First of All, is it really required? What am I going to get from it? The other person should approach me first! Ahh, forget it! It’s waste of time.

Well, according to me, it’s necessary but not a compulsion. Let me explain. Any deed/work/activity that you do will involve another fellow human being in some way. We are social animals. If you notice, people who have a strong network or who are good at networking always find a way out.

You will see them in every setup. Take an example of your workplace. You think a person is not competent enough for a particular position or that person just doesn’t work, but that person gets the work done! How? Through his network and network is what defines your net-worth. This is true for every field, politics, sports everywhere.

Therefore it’s necessary, but not a compulsion. How do you build a network? You just need to have nice conversations!

Let’s say you’re in a social gathering and you just don’t know anybody. You’re out of place? What do you do? Whom do you approach?

Step 1: Look for somebody who’s in the same boat as you. Who is standing alone? Or find a group which is not conversing enough?

Step 2: Notice your surroundings like background of the people (whether in a party or business setup or a sports event etc.), weather, Cause of the gathering etc. for you to have something to converse on.

Step 3: Ask an abstract question. Not questions which have a one word answer. For example, ask — What is your opinion about _____? Why do you think _____? and don’t ask, Do you like ____?

Step 4: Ask questions till you find a common ground. For example, If you’re in another country and you both are from the same home country, then you’ll hit it instantly. There will be a sense of belongingness.

Don’t worry, it’s okay if you’re not confident in the beginning, everything is a learnable skill. With time you’ll ace it.

My secret weapon: I talk about my passion, that is what automatically gets me confident, because I know my thing! And energy is everything! Then ask about theirs’! If they don’t have one, then ask what if you had a passion? or What would your friends think you would if you had one area if interest?

Trust me, people have a lot to talk about, you just need to find a common ground!

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