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Taking Action — Never Mind (Tomorrow)

It is good to read Motivational Quotes but what about taking Action that really matters and produces results? How can I get inspired to take action now?

While goals and dreams are important for one to start taking action, we all might have experienced our energies dip mid-way and sometimes even give up completely.

How do we get out of this situation? What do we do that will compel us to take sustained action?

Like Tony Robbins says — It all depends on your physiology and energy.

1) Are you just laying down, scrolling with no purpose, bored as fuck and be like — “Bhaad me jaane do yaar, dekh lenge baadme”. For you — Try the Shahrukh Khan Pose with utmost sense of feel and emotion, from the place where you are. If you have done it sincerely, notice your energy levels now. It is bound to increase.

2) Whenever you do a physical activity or are energetic, your heart beats faster than normal. Your breathing rate becomes faster. Therefore, if you want to get energized in a moment, take at-least 10 fast paced breaths as if you were doing that physical activity. Notice your heart palpitate faster and notice your energy levels increase!

God Forbid but if your near one is in a critical condition, would you dare to sit idle and not do anything? Your Dreams, Your Goals, should be something on these lines, meaning, if its state is in a critical condition, you have to take 10x action to ensure it’s alive and kicking. You need to have full conviction that there is absolutely nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream life.

If your dream seems overwhelming, then you have the right dream, and for this reason it’s called a dream!

Step by step method to go about achieving your overwhelming dream:

1) Break it down to smaller goals.

2) Use S.M.A.R.T. principles while setting up sub-goals as well. How many of us actually do this? You’ve just got to do it!

3) Never use neutral words while dreaming/talking/working towards your goals like ‘maybe, should (use must instead) etc.

4) Have an accountability partner (explained in detail about this in one of my earlier posts) and if you fail to keep up with your commitment, pay the penalty to your accountability partner.

5) Read motivational quotes everyday if that is what gives you energy, just the way you eat everyday to get more energy.

6) Get a coach who will give you a 50,000 feet view of yourself, where you stand and where you can potentially go.

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