Why Am I So Bored With Life?

Has it ever happened that you are just floating with your life and you’re not even excited that it’s a weekend? Or even if you’re excited, with so many options at hand, get confused and end up doing nothing or just scrolling?

You may be living a great life with a decent job, good relationship, enough possessions and people may even look up to you or envy you but you still feel there should be something more!

Later, as a result, it may even creep into your body in the form of muscle tightness, headaches, lack of energy and so on.

So, Keep in mind Rule Number 1:

No one is going to be happy all the time.

Imagine what boring story would you be telling your kids or grandkids then? What we can do is find a way we can be happy most of the times. Life is a roller coaster, you go up and will definitely come down and then you go up again. The height to which you want to go is your choice!

One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now. — Paulo Coelho 25 years ago, just how much did we have access to technology? How did we while away our time then? Due to social media, we have all the entertainment we need on our fingertips! Instant gratification has become a necessity. Attention spans have decreased. The moment we don’t find anything satisfactory — Poof — we go to a low state and wonder if it’s depression and even if it’s not, will eventually end up in that state.

Here is my take to overcome boredom:

Do one small thing/activity you have never done till yesterday. Just for 5 minutes, but start.

Be in pursuit of something larger than yourself. The invaluable return that you get by serving others or solving their problem will keep you hungry for life.

Learn to say NO! Stop being a people pleaser. Research suggests that an individual is wrapped up in their own thoughts 99% of the times. The rest 1% is given to others including You!

Boredom or Freedom? Choice is Yours!! Comments please!

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