I am fed up of procrastination! I procrastinate at almost everything!!

Why do we procrastinate?

I’ll just cut to the chase and try to make it as simple as possible.

✓ To do any task, there are driving factors and dragging factors.

The prime reason for procrastination is that our dragging factors outweigh our driving factors. I will take you through the reasons for procrastination and how to deal with it.

1) “I will give you Rs.1,00,000/- in two days if you complete this task by tomorrow” vs “I will give you Rs. 1,00,000 in 6 months if you complete this task within 5 months”. What are you more likely to do? Ensure your reward factor is closer in time. Your brain is more clear what to do today than in 6 months time and the brain likes clarity.

2) “I will go the gym from Monday” vs “ I will go to the gym on Monday, Wednesday & Friday after work and spend 2 hours each day under the guidance of my trainer”. In which case would you more likely go? More detailing leads to more clarity, motivation & action.

3) “You will have serious health issues in 5 years if you continue your unhealthy eating habits” If you are not bothered about this statement, it only reflects on your low self esteem because you lack in the area of self-love. After 5 years, the only statement that comes from you starts from, ”I should’ve…, I could’ve…, What If I…”.

4) Too good at the task or too bad at planning. If you feel you have all the time in the world to do that task and keep it for later, then you overestimate yourself or you have not set the right timeline or reward for that task.

5) Poor Decision Making. This happens majorly because of the amount of options we have nowadays with us. Try and look at the consequences of all these options and ask yourself as to what decision will your future self choose?

6) My best reason for procrastination is ‘Fear’. Fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of success and fear of not being enough. We delay a call to somebody we dislike even though it’s just for 2 minutes. We delay a task in the lookout of looking perfect, when in reality, there’s always room for improvement. We delay asking for promotion because deep inside we don’t think we deserve it. Otherwise, why the hell won’t you ask if you’re that good!

✓ In a nutshell, to avoid procrastination, have a compelling reason to do a particular task, if the reward is far in the future, cut it down to simpler ones, make it as detailed as possible, visualize the ultimate outcome. Enjoy the vision.

If you burn out or feel hopeless somewhere in between, “Remember Why You Started!”

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