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When you talk about the definition of an interview, we mention about the presence of two parties evaluating each other for their personal/professional gain. Why can’t the same analogy be used for someone working in a startup or an MNC? So, the question arises again, especially for those who aren’t entrepreneurs or founders of any kind-

Who do you really work for?

When a company hires you for a particular job, it pays you for the service you provide for the benefit of the company. When the company faces a tough situation when it requires to lay off employees, or when you get a better job opportunity and move on, the contract is nullified. What I am trying to say here is that it is a mutual contract between two parties where both gain from each other’s services.

‘Working’ and ‘working for’ are two different concepts here. Slaves used to work for their masters as they didn’t get anything back from them (or only minimal requirements). Likewise, you work for someone where your money outflow is without getting something in return. Paying your debts can be an example and all this while you have been whining, cursing your boss or company.

So, is it time to fire your boss(s)? NO.

Play it smart by planning ahead for yourself in your current role or otherwise, your boss may not be the ideal one but try to grasp all his/her good qualities. Be patient, time flies, circumstances are bound to change as change is the only constant in today’s world.

Remember, that you work for yourself and trust me, it will do you good if not, great, it will do your employer good and it will make your world look good!

I hope I have changed your perspective for the good! 😊

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