‘Follow your Passion’

Tired of hearing this?

Especially when we don’t have any idea what we love doing and even if we have, the drive just fades away.

Then you come across all sorts of questions you are told to ask yourself to find your true passion and purpose but still are not able to find answers to those questions. If you are one of them, continue reading.

Let’s first understand the core reason why is it difficult for us to do so.

We are all brought up in a certain way which results in the formation of a belief system. The way you talk, the way you dress, your definition of success etc.

We desire things that others desire.

We desire too many things at once and we all want instant gratification. So, how do we start? Firstly, we don’t find our passion. We develop it.

Fear is the one obstacle we all have in terms of pursuing our passion. Who told you to do it full time? If you know your passion, just start pursuing it for some time. Do it because that’s what drives you. If you don’t know your passion, you’re afraid to explore. You’re afraid to look weird in front of the society. When you have the courage to explore; sooner than later you will find your true inner calling and like all matters of heart, you will know when you find it.

Interest — Passion — Purpose

Build on your interest to develop your passion. If your passion involves serving our society (filling a need or solving a problem) in some way, it becomes your purpose.

I was a very logical person, but what’s the fun in that. Being logical won’t help you much in finding your passion. Follow your intuition to bring balance to logic.

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